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History of Mount Ararat

Over the centuries there have been numerous reports, some dating from before the time of Christ, that Noah’s Ark is still to be found in Armenia, as the region encompassing Mount Ararat was known in ancient times. During the time of ancient Israel, the region was known as Urartu, which English Bibles translate as Ararat. Genesis 8:6 mentions the Ark as landing in the mountains of Ararat. Mount Ararat, the highest mountain in the Ancient Near East, is the only mountain in ancient Ararat that would suit the biblical description of the resting place of Noah’s Ark as towering above the surrounding mountains.

The continuously frozen conditions beneath the permanent snowcap of this 17,000-foot mountain, the highest mountain in the Ancient Near East, well explain the preservation of this wooden structure.

According to the natives of the mountain, what they understand as a ship was formerly buried in the glacier on the top of the mountain. According to their traditions, the famous 1840 earthquake that destroyed the St James monastery on the north side of the mountain dislodged the glacier containing the ship causing it to slide down the south side of the mountain. The ship book into three major sections, designated as A, B, and C with wreckage scattered along the mountain, mostly between 13,000 and 16,000 feet. The volcanic rocks that continuously fall from the mountain have now buried the sections under many feet of volcanic rock and ice.

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