VALIDATE: How does one know whether photos, videos, artifacts, and samples pertaining to the AWS were actually taken from the mountain or just where on the mountain they were found? How can the public know the date, the archaeological identity of artifacts, or the biological identify of organic specimens and samples taken from this site? Ensuring that all archaeological and scientific work pertaining to this discovery are conducted according to proper scientific protocols and under appropriate archaeological and scientific authority is a core mission of MADF.

CLARIFY: Much confusion surrounds this discovery. MADF aims to communicate various historical and current reports and claims and ongoing research concerning the AWS in a clear and understandable way, useful for the expert and understandable by the layman.

COALESCE: Various scientific specialities are interested in this discovery but access to this historically war-torn mountain is limited by season, weather conditions, security concerns, and protection of the site. MADF coordinates bring together various archaeological and scientific specialities so as to conduct expeditions and scientific studies in the most effective and efficient manner.

PROTECT: The archaeological heritage of Mount Ararat can be threatened in a variety of ways: (1) by looting, (2) by enviromental degredation, and (3) by improper or unwise archaeological and scientific excavation, handling, and tests. MADF’s objective is to protect the cultural heritage of this mountain while ensuring that the people of the mountain and region benefit from sharing their cultural heritage with the world.