An ancient wooden structure of currently unknown size and several sections have been discovered buried on Mount Ararat in Eastern Turkey. Owing to ancient traditions as well as unconfirmed reports from more recent times associating this mountain with the landing place of Noah’s Ark, considerable controversy engulfed the 2010 announcement of this discovery. In 2015, the Mount Ararat Discovery Foundation (MADF) was established as a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation to sponsor independent scientific investigations of this discovery including all archaeological remains on or associated with this mountain. MADF works with proper permits from respective government ministries of Turkey and the people of this region. In addition to enabling scientific studies, MADF also assists in making sure that the cultural heritage associated with this mountain remains the property of the people of this region of Eastern Turkey. 

MADF is committed to taking no specific position regarding the archaeological identification of the structure. MADF allows participating archaeologists, scientists, and scholars to do the investigations according to their field of expertise with professional integrity. MADF requests all archaeologists and scholars participating in MADF expeditions to publish their findings, tests, analyses, and conclusions in a timely fashion in appropriate peer-reviewed scientific and academic journals or in special publications appropriate to their particular scientific schools.