An important function of the Mount Ararat Discovery Foundation is to conduct objective investigations and arrange for expert tests to determine the provenance, dating, and identity of artifacts associated with the Mount Ararat Discovery.

Examination of the Hoax Charge

The Charge

Shortly after the announcement of the discovery in April, 2010, a member of a rival Ark searching group, the American-based Ark LLC Expedition, issued a statement claiming the Mount Ararat Discovery was fabricated as a movie set. Dr. Randall Price subsequently backed up his claims by a Critique that he and fellow Ark LLC Expedition member Don Patton conducted. These charges and critique including a review of their brief association with Noah’s Ark Ministries International were posted to Randall Price’s World of the Bible website. 

Examination of the Charge

Price’s charges were examined by Mount Ararat Discovery Foundation’s Philip Ernest Williams. Williams’s investigation included his visit to the site on 11/9/2014 and a detailed  review of Price and Patton’s Critique.

Review of Price and Patton’s Critique

The conclusions of this detailed but long report are available here.

Conclusions of Williams’s Review of Price and Patton’s Critique of the Discovery