The Foundation

The Mount Ararat Discovery Foundation (MADF), a 501(c)3 public non-profit, is devoted to the scientific research and protection of sites and antiquities associated with Mount Ararat in Eastern Turkey. MADF operates in partnership with Turkish archaeologists and authorities licensed to investigate this important site. MADF sponsors scientific research, multi-regional archaeological surveys, and scholarly studies relating to artifacts associated with this important site.

MADF sponsored activities include:

  1. Archaeological expeditions licensed by antiquities authorities.
  2. Establishment of institutions such as museums and laboratories devoted to the investigation and protection of the sites and antiquities associated with the Mount Ararat Discovery.
  3. Related scientific research published in peer-reviewed scientific publications.
  4. Preserving cultural heritage connected with the Mount Ararat Discovery through scholarly studies and publication.


As in the case of original art, priceless artifacts require considerable and expensive validation. We test with hopeful expectation but with the hard-nose skepticism practiced in innovative businesses and applied sciences where false assumptions are soon penalized by failure. It is not sufficient that results be published in peer-reviewed journals. As in the case of applied technology, our job is test and re-test in many and different perspectives.  We aim to satisfy our tough-minded requirements so that our results will be accepted by the widest community.


All data are identified and presented according to some interpretation whether religious or secular. This includes the most objective facts of history and science but is certainly true of the artifacts and traditions associated with the Mount Ararat Discovery. Our approach is not to begin by choosing a certain view among these opinions, but to clarify expressions of them from their most able advocates. The goal here is to understand how these different views arose and to educate the public concerning the various views about this discovery.


Our hope is to help re-connect the world through archaeology and culture heritage. Working with both Western and non-Western peoples and nations, this requires an open-minded and multi-cultural approach. We are not concerned whether our findings support or contradict traditional beliefs, whether they be religious or secular dogma. Our goal is to build consensus among the widest possible community of those concerned for truth.