Archaeological Tasks & Goals

Investigating this ancient wooden structure buried under hundreds of tons of volcanic rock and ice above 14,000 feet at an unstable part of the mountain is no small and inexpensive undertaking. Making this task more difficult is the fact that the structure appears to have slid from a higher location and broken into several sections, an event which the natives report as happening as a result of the great 1840 earthquake.

Protecting the Archaeological Site

During the summer months, water runs through parts of the structure not only making investigation impractical but also damaging parts of the structure. We are much concern from observing that this damage has much accelerated due to our opening the structure. Stopping melt water from flowing through the site is one of MADF’s highest priorities.

Building an Environmentally-Controlled High-Security Museum

Out second priority is to create an environmentally-controlled, high security museum near the site in order to support the archaeological work and protect the sites artifacts. The museum will be located in Dogubayazit, Turkey the town at the basis of the mountain where expeditions to the mountain are most easily conducted.

Archaeological Survey of the Mount Ararat Discovery

After securing the site from environmental damage and providing for protection of its artifacts, MADF will sponsor an extensive archaeological survey of the Mount Ararat Discovery that will be conducted under the supervision of Turkey’s Dr. Oktay Belli.

Center for Study of Ararat Region’s Historical Artifacts and Texts

No archaeological discovery stands alone. Its identity and interpretation depend on its archaeological context along with ancient texts that assist in proper identification and understanding. This is especially the case with the Mount Ararat Discovery due to in its sacred importance to the natives of the region where artifacts from and pertaining to the site have been scattered for many centuries. In cooperation with natives of the mountain, the Mount Ararat Discovery Foundation is helping sponsor an Ararat Region Center for the Study of Historical Artifacts and Texts in Tbilisi, Georgia.