Center for Ararat Region Studies

Events occurring in the Mount Ararat region are part of the sacred history of three major religions connected with the calling and faith of the prophet Abraham. Indeed, though the story of Noah is mainly known from the sacred books of these religions, memories of a worldwide Flood and the building of an Ark to save those who would survive the Flood belong to almost every nation. Thus, the cultural heritage of this region is the cultural heritage of all mankind.

Though the Mount Ararat Peace project is a non-sectarian endeavor, the project aims to recognize the sacred character associated with the Mount Ararat region’s cultural heritage. A religious heritage center consisting of a church and mosque that are indigenous to this area will be developed as an integral part of the project. This will include attention to sacred writings of the people of the Book that have long been kept in the area’s churches, mosques, and monasteries.

Ancient Armenian Church

Ancient Armenian Church 

The cultural-studies center aims to accommodate studies of the languages and traditions of the area from ancient times until the present day, helping to bring this area’s history to the attention of both scholars and the wider world.